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about Us


Floss Code believes in the power of your smile. We also believe that an attractive Smile Make Over Miami Appointment should not be unattainable. That’s why we specialize in an affordably priced alternatives to permanent veneers. We create beautiful smiles on all faces to help you look and feel amazing.

Our mission at Floss Code Cosmetics is to activate your youthful beauty 1000x brighter naturally.


Our CEO Message!

Meet Lexi

Hi! My name is Alexandra, but I go by Lexi. My journey to getting a beautiful smile was a long one. As a child, I was often bullied for what other kids thought were ‘big teeth’. However, I eventually learned to accept my smile, I even believe that it helped open many doors in my life. And the same can be said for you!

Your smile is your power. I used the confidence I felt to build Floss Code. With my experience as a child, I know how frustrating and isolating it can feel to have a smile you aren’t proud of. Unfortunately, for many of us going to the dentist isn’t an option, either because of the price of care or the price of insurance. That’s why I created Floss Code.